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  • Bane is learning to be ok with other dogs, especially around his sister, Berkeley. Lucy and Breeze were happy to help! #rhodesianridgeback #dogrehab #dogbehavior

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Allison gave us all the tools we needed to turn our dog from something we were ready to give away into a great member if the family.

Karen E
Owner of a Shih Tzu

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dogs and babies

Training is especially important with a new baby on the way.

A new baby, while joyous and happy for humans, can be a time of anxiety for your faithful four-legged companion. We can train you in the months before your baby arrives to have a calm, well-mannered pet that will make the transition much easier. Even if you already have a baby or toddler, we can make the reality of living with both your dog and your baby more comfortable.

 We can train your dog to understand a new baby being in the house.

We can train your dog to understand a new baby being in the house.

Tips Before Bringing Home Baby

  1. Teach or firm up obedience commands.
  2. Allow your dog to become desensitized to baby equipment.
  3. Make sure your dog is properly socialized.
  4. Practice walking your dog with a stroller.
  5. Have a plan for who will take care of the dog while you are in the hospital.

This is in no-way an exhaustive list and our trainers will be happy to work up a full getting-ready-for baby program to meet your exact needs.

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