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  • Bane is learning to be ok with other dogs, especially around his sister, Berkeley. Lucy and Breeze were happy to help! #rhodesianridgeback #dogrehab #dogbehavior

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Our biggest issues with Rivers were his excessive barking all the time and scaring kids or chasing people. He has completely changed he will now let kids pet him and NO MORE BARKING!!!!

Kate M
Owner of a Hound Mix

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aggressive dogs

Dog aggression is one of the most delicate and dangerous aspects of dog training. The reasons for aggressive behavior vary greatly and should only be handled by a qualified trainer. If the root of the problem is not found and addressed in a manner that the dog understands, the issues can become much worse. We here at Well Mannered Dog Training specialize in all types of aggression and have a high success rate of rehabilitating even the most severe of cases deemed “unfixable” by other trainers.

All types of aggression can be addressed; fear based, resource guarding, anxiety, human aggression, reactivity and animal aggression. If your dog is aggressive toward other dogs, we have a team of K9s who have been highly trained to work with us in the rehabilitation process.

The stress of having an aggressive animal can be extremely tiring for human and dog alike. Allow us to help the both of you to overcome this serious issue you and your family are facing.

Aggressive Dog

We can help! If your dog is showing signs of aggression, contact us today!

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