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Our Clients Say: Tracey G

Chocolate Labrador

Guff the Chocolate Labrador

I highly recommend Allison for helping with your dog. My chocolate lab puppy, Guff, was very dominant and had a biting problem. I could not take him for walks because he was so uncontrollable. I was really frustrated and not sure if I would be able to keep Guff because he was more than I could handle. So I decided to look for someone to help me when I came across Allison.

From the moment Allison walked in the house, I could see a change in Guff. She came to my home, which was very important, and did an initial assessment in order to set up a plan. While she did some work with Guff, most of her work was with me and showing me what I was doing right and wrong on her weekly visit. She would leave me with certain techniques to practice and work on during the week and then reinforce them with the next visit while progressing to new techniques.


Client with Guff the Labrador

As a result, Guff is now a very controllable dog. More importantly, I am a more informed pet owner and understand what it is I need to do to get the desired behavior from Guff. Her work with myself and Guff was worth every penny!

Our Clients Say: Courtney G

Mixed Breed dog at dog park

Teach the Mixed Breed

In July 2012, I received a text message with the photo of one of the most adorable puppies I’d ever seen. With nothing but skin on his bones, we brought Teach into our lives. He had parvo and after several days in the hospital and a few scares, he finally made the way to recovery. Teach is a lover and a cuddler, but he is also pretty strong for his compact nature, so I wanted to start working with him quickly. I asked friends about their training experiences and got a stellar recommendation for Allison’s team at Well Mannered Dog Training. I couldn’t be happier with what we’ve accomplished.

Allison has been an amazing resource for both Teach and me. Having her individual attention and answers to my questions has given me the confidence I needed to work with Teach. In just our individual lesson, Teach has learned all of the basic commands as well as heel and to walk easily on his leash. My absolute favorite is the place command. People are shocked when they come over for dinner and I tell Teach to go to his place and he will stay there, the entire time!

I also am excited because Allison’s program doesn’t end after the individual lessons! I’ve learned my lesson on the significance of continual reinforcement in training and the group lessons are exactly what I am looking for to continue in our training.

I am so thankful that I took my friend’s recommendation to work with Allison and I would and do recommend her to every friend or stranger I meet that is interested in dog training!

Our Clients Say: Mike S.

Gunner, the Weimaraner Puppy

Gunner, the Weimaraner Puppy

It is my distinct pleasure to highlight a few areas that we found most rewarding about our experience with Well Mannered Dog Training Charleston. Please find the below as a testimonial approach to showcase our experience.

We did a fair bit of research on the internet and finally found Well Mannered Dog Training to be the organization that best fit our schedule, location of service and comfort level.

Prior to getting the dog, certain ground rules were identified as necessary. Unanimously, we agreed that for both the dog and us, training should be the foundation for our addition to the family.

Clients with Weimaraner Puppy

Family with their newly well behaved Weimaraner Puppy.

Tanya can be described by the following words: Professional, Courteous, Firm, Knowledgeable and Patient. She handled the dog very well and the dog was very responsive to her direction.

In short, she was able to charm our once crazy Weimaraner into a gentleman of a dog. The most prominent example is our daily walk. Prior to the training, Gunner’s idea of a walk equated to a pulling frenzy; by the second lesson, Gunner was walking calmly at my left side. HUGE THANK YOU!

Without hesitation, I would recommend this service not only to my colleagues, friends and family but also I will be introducing this service to the large bird hunting affinity group I am member of. Thank you again.

Our Clients Say: Vicki R

Dixie the Border Collie Mix

Dixie the Border Collie Mix

My family adopted Dixie from the SPCA this summer. At the time, Dixie was 4 months old. After a few weeks of getting to know each other, we realized that Dixie was going to be a handful…especially around other dogs! I started observing dog classes in the local pet stores and didn’t feel confident in the instructors I had observed, so I did a Google Search online for dog trainers that come to your home. After reading everything on the Well Mannered Dog Training Charleston website, I called for the free consultation.

At the time of the consultation, the representative that visited us assured us that the Well Mannered Dog Training Charleston trainers could help us overcome all of Dixie’s issues from the door crashing to play biting to her big issue of over-excitement (better stated as total craziness) in the presence of other dogs! We were very encouraged by the consultation and decided that this one-on-one training was the solution we were looking for.

Tanya Perez was our trainer and we thought she was wonderful. Tanya is extremely knowledgeable and very talented in working with pets and people! From the very beginning, she made us feel comfortable and empowered that we could train our dog. She always offered us a variety of methods to teach each command and she never made us feel embarrassed if we struggled with something. Tanya made the lessons informative and fun for Dixie, my husband, and me! We all looked forward to the lessons each week and we were especially excited to learn that we could train our dog to walk without pulling, to give up eating our shoes, and to actually heel!

We would DEFINITELY recommend Well Mannered Dog Training Charleston to our family and friends!

This was such an amazing bonding experience between our family and the dog because we learned what to do to develop a balanced relationship with Dixie! We have even gotten compliments from our neighbors, the vet, and passers-by on the walking trails, about our well-trained dog…even after just a few sessions!

These training sessions were one of the best investments my husband and I have ever made and we will encourage all our pet-owner friends to try it out! We are so glad that we found the Well Mannered Dog Training website!

Our Clients Say: Judy S

Pearl the Rottweiler

Pearl the Rottweiler

Nine months ago I made the decision to add a Rottie to my “family” of canines. Pearl (as she came to be known) needed training to become a civilized member of our brood.

Prior to Pearl, Bernice (a senior mastiff) was trained by Allison at Well Mannered Dog Training Charleston. Bernice was even awarded the Canine Good Citizen certificate as a result of Allison’s expertise.

Allison instructed Pearl for five sessions and as a result, Pearl has become a well-mannered part of the family.

Allison did a wonderful job working with Pearl and it’s so nice to have Pearl listen to us. Money well spent!


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